Logan McAnsh

[email protected]


Experienced Full Stack Web Developer, primarily using React and Node.js.
Self taught with experience working solo and with a team, both in person and remote settings.


  • Node.js
  • React
  • Remix
  • React Router
  • TypeScript
  • TailwindCSS
  • Accessibility
  • Performance
  • Git
  • Automated Testing
  • GitHub Actions
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Prisma
  • GraphQL
  • Rest APIs


  • ShopifySenior Software Engineer -

    • Remix Core Team
    • Set up the nightly release pipeline so we can ship Remix nightly builds to npm
    • Set up the initial docs website infrastructure that used a SQLite DB to store the generated html from markdown and updated when docs were updated on GitHub
    • Converted our integration tests from Puppeteer to Playwright
    • Deployment target testing infrastructure for each of our first party targets
    • Built adapters to convert to/from proprietary request/response objects to native Request/Response objects
    • Implemented a new flat route routing convention
    • Created @remix-run/testing to allow unit testing components using Remix's Link, Form, Fetchers, etc
    • Published a custom GitHub Action to automatically comment on issues and PRs that were fixed in a nightly/pre/stable release
  • Remix SoftwareSenior Software Engineer -

    • Core Team
  • PowerleyFrontend Web Developer -

    • First member of the web team
    • Created and maintained a suite of modern white label web applications with Next.js to be included in our mobile apps for 7+ clients, which quickly became the most used areas of the app
    • Implemented a set of utility functions used across our web experiences
    • Designed Sketch plugins